Our vision


Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture has been a recurring theme for us in the creation of projects that offer a living experience that is anything but ordinary. Not only do our structures fit seamlessly within the existing built heritage, they also feature contemporary architecture at its finest.



In order to enhance our buildings, it is essential that we ensure the highest quality of construction at every stage of the process, from project design to its embodiment and even after delivery. We are not just promoters: we are also builders, which means that we are involved in our projects from A to Z. Direct contact with the Orbitat team guarantees customer service that will meet all of your expectations.


Affordable Prices

In order to share our passion for contemporary architecture, we offer affordable homes that all lovers of architecture can enjoy. Therefore, even first-time buyers can have a high-quality life space without compromising their budget.

Terrasse St-Zotique

Our Team


Olivier Beaulieu,

Olivier is Orbitat's conductor. It is his sharp eye that recognizes the potential of a location as a future condo project. Olivier's passion drives him to remain involved at every step of a project. With paper and pencil in hand, he follows his imagination to achieve results in architecture that are simply remarkable.


Gentiane Godin,

Gentiane has always been fascinated by contemporary design. From clothing to houses, refinement in the art of living is where she finds her inspiration. With exquisite taste, she oversees the choice of materials and finishes. Her experience as a coordinator in the film industry has contributed to making her a bright and versatile associate.


Félix Beaulieu,

Félix has a natural ability for bringing people together and his cheerful nature is contagious. His presence at the job site guarantees a respectful team spirit among employees and tradesmen alike. His attention to detail ensures that construction quality meets the standards demanded by Orbitat.



Montreal, Quebec
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